About Us

Copytech SAL was founded in 1998 and belongs to Holcom Sal (Holding), a group which consists of several companies operating in Lebanon, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The main business of Copytech is to supply, lease, rent and servicing Copiers, Multifunctional Printers, Production Printing Press, Wide Format Printers, Shredders, 3D Printers and video systems IP cameras with the concept of offering customer a high-quality level of service followed by an after sales support.


  1. Office Printing Systems
  2. Production Printing Presses
  3. Wide Format Printing Systems
  4. 3D Printers
  5. IP Video Camera Systems
  6. Security Shredders


  1. Print Management
  2. Document & Capture Management
  3. Intelligent Information Management
  4. Augmented Reality (AR)
  5. Cloud Services


  1. Service Level Agreement
  2. Pay Per Click Leased & Rental Services.
  3. Label & Sticker Roll Printing
  4. Finishing & Embellishment 


Since our inception, we have operated under the guidance of 5 core values:


  • We succeed through satisfied customers
  • We deliver quality and excellence in all we do
  • We do small profit to build long-term clients
  • We do business with full transparency and honesty
  • We value our employees.


Our mission always reflect on our 5 pillar vision guide:

  • Create separation from other competitors by touching customer’s pain points
  • Be one stop service provider for our customers.
  • Looking for new opportunities and new business drivers by introducing Management Content Services as well as other MPS Solutions & Applications
  • Motivate our team by improving & developing their potential skills