Capture, store, and analyze critical printing data

PrintFleet® software provide critical printing data from most major manufacturers in one place. The flexible subscription-based, scalable, cloud-based service model seamlessly connects with your ERP with no up-front investment in hardware, software, or IT resources.

Proactively Manage Print Devices

Develop proactive supplies and service programs by creating status alerts based on event and occurrence thresholds, triggers, standard and vendor error codes, and even LCD screen text.

Generate a single alert to notify you at event start and event end and use occurrence thresholds to help avoid sending your technician out for trivial issues, allowing for better management of the customer environment. Increase device up-time, reduce inventory, and improve your first-call success rate.

Create Reports to Meet Your Needs

Automatically generate the reports you need to better manage your customers’ print environments. Choose from a selection of out-of-the box reports or build custom reports to get the data you need. Schedule reports hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure your team has the information they need when they need it.

Build QBR reports to review with your customers and help them stay on track with their print goals.

Remotely Monitor Print Environments

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) can be installed on a non-dedicated server, at a client location, or reside in the firmware of a device. For devices that are not on a network, ECI’s Local Print Agent (LPA) offers the ability to track printing from locally connected print devices by collecting information directly from the device.

Collect critical meter, performance, and supply-level data from multi-functional printing devices to power your MPS program. Accurately bill your customers for pages printed, supplies, and service.

Get Accurate Data on All Devices

ECI’s relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) provides unparalleled device information and continuous growth of our extensive model database.

Eliminate the complexity of managing multi-vendor print environments. Build your MPS program with a single tool for accurate data collection, reporting, and ease of use.