Mobotix S74

Four Flexible Modules Combined in a Single Camera

More security. More perspectives. More possibilities. No MOBOTIX camera has ever been this flexible before – with up to four modules. Designed to meet a range of requirements and tackle a variety of tasks. The MOBOTIX S74 sets the standard in flexibility, quality and performance.

Four Modules in One Camera

  • Up to four image sensor modules and function modules for easy self-assembly (two optical and two function modules simultaneously at current release)
  • Image Sensor: 4K/8MP (tele/normal & wide angle), with color (day), BW sensor (night) or color sensor with moving IR blocking filter (day/night)
  • World First: Ultra-low-light 4MP sensor modules with a superior SNR (signal to noise radio) of 0.19 at 4 MP – for around four times greater light sensitivity than with the 4K ultra-HD sensor modules

High-End Thermal Imaging Camera

  • 50-mK thermal sensor modules that are easy to retrofit.
  • CIF to VGA thermal resolution.
  • 17 tele to 90 wide-angle thermal lenses
  • MOBOTIX Analytics & ActivitySensor Included
  • Temperature measurement

Flexible & Moveable

  • Module connection cable in lengths 1m, 2m, and 3 meters
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Plug-in connection board for Ethernet (RJ45 or LSa+) and audio (for external microphone and speaker devices)
  • Discreet installation (behind a wall, rquipment or ceiling covering)
  • Only the sensors are visible

Housing: Compact, Robust, Modular

  • Ultra-robust camera housing made of powder-coated aluminum
  • Four module connectors on the front with IP rated USB-C ports
  • For up to two image sensor modules that can be poistioned independently of one another (max. 2X optical UHD/ultra-low-light or 1x thermal CIF/VGA plus 1x optical UHD/ultra)
  • Simultaneous coverage of two separate areas with only one camera
  • For up to three function modules (if only one image sensor module is used): IR light emitter and/or MultiSense module
  • For indoor & outdoor use

Mounting Brackets

  • Dome-style mounts (mono mount) or two sensors together (dual mount)
  • Manual 3 axes pan and tilt (PT) mount for wall or ceiling installation

Image Quality

  • Upto 4K UHD resolution
  • Unsurpassed Image Quality With Minimal Light: New ultra-low-light 4MP day & night sensor modules with up to four times greater light sensitivity than the 4K ultra-HD sensor modules.
  • Max. image size 3840 x 2160 pixels, 16:9
  • enhanced WDR for all image sensor modules (UHD and ultra-low light)
  • Max. frame rate (H.264): 30fp@4K
  • Max. fram rate (MxPEG+): 20fps@4K

Durability & Reliability

  • Ambient temperature: -40 to 65 °C
  • Protection classes IP66 & IK10
  • MTBF (Mean Time BEtween Failure): more than 9 yeas
  • Three to eight years warranty (subjects to terms)
  • Made in Germany

Standards & Video Formats

  • ONVIF profile S and T
  • H.264 triple streaming and H.265
  • MxPEG+ (for license-free use of the S74 in MxMC from version 2.2)

Efficient High Performance

  • Max. power consumption: 25 W
  • Power supply via PoE Class 4 netwrok cable (IEEE
  • Expandable internal DVR: 8-GB microSD

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